Merriam wild turkeys spend their summers in the higher elevations, breeding, and move down in elevation for the winter months. Merriam's appear black with iridescent hues of gold, purple, and blue. The Rio Grande turkey is found in lower elevations throughout the state but is rarer in our hunting units. Rio Grandes appear black with gold tips with hues of copper and brown. Both species of wild turkey have keen eyesight and excellent hearing, making it a challenging hunt for even seasoned hunters. Mating season coincides with the arrival of warmer, longer days in late March and early April. It is not uncommon to hear birds gobbling from over a mile away on calm spring days. We typically roost 4-6 gobblers each evening during the peak of their mating season. 


  • Merriams 14,000
  • Rio Grande 2,500

Tags & License

Draw & OTC

  • Resident $20 Nonresident $100
  • Game Hunting License $65
  • Habitat Stamp $5
  • Habitat Mangement & Access Validation $4


 After a early breakfast at camp, guests will depart for the field with their guides. It is typically a 30 minute drive to reach pre-scouted hunting grounds in the surrounding national forest. Your guide will have all the necessary calls, decoys, and blinds to successfully hunt these gobblers. Around noon, we will break for a field lunch followed by a midday rest. We are back at it, chasing gobblers until the last light. Shortly after arriving back at the camp, guests will be served a home cooked dinner. After dinner, you are on your own to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere around camp.