Mountain Lion ~ Cougar

Mountain Lion population is at an all time high in New Mexico. They range from the The Desert Plains of 4,000 feet to the highest peaks exceeding 10,000 feet. Cougars feed on small and large game from porcupine all the way up to the largest bull elk. Mountain Lions will vary from 100 to well over 200 pounds. 

Physical Condition

Must be able to hike at high elevations for long periods of time. 


Must have quality boots & cold weather gear.


  • Over-The-Counter (OTC)
  • Cougars TAGS Resident $43 Nonresident $290
  • Game Hunting License $65
  • Habitat Stamp $5
  • Habitat management & Acc Validation $4

What to expect

Every morning we start out with a hearty breakfast before loading up the dogs and heading to the mountains. We will then drive the mountain roads looking for fresh cat tracks which then we can determine size and sex based on size. If we decide its worth trying we will then cut the dogs loose and wait for the to bay the cat in a tree. At that moment we will gear up and head up or down the moment on foot to the tree to determine if the Cougar is mature enough to shoot. Once you have taken your animal and photos have been taken we will then skin and field dress your animal. 

Ty's Wild Endeavors

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