Black Bear

Black Bear

Black Bear in New Mexico are estimated to be just under 10,000 bears. The Bears in NM come in all color phases from pure black to all different shades of brown. They can be cinnamon to almost blonde as well. Bears will range from below 4,000 feet to over 9,000 feet.  Black Bears taken will range from to 250 pounds to over 450 pounds. 

Physical Condition

Must be able to hike at high elevation for long periods of time. 


Must have quality boots as well as durable hot or cold weather clothing.

Tags & License

  • Over-The-Counter (OTC)
  • TAG ~ Resident $47 Nonresident $260
  • Habitat Stamp $5
  • Habitat Management & Acc Validation $4
  • Game Hunting License $65

What to expect

Each morning we will start out with a hearty breakfast before loading up the dogs. Once on the mountain we will drive the roads stopping at water holes and to check trails until the dogs pick up fresh bear scent. Once the dogs bay up we will then proceed up or down the mountain to get within a comfortable distance to determine if the bear is the right age, sex and size. After the shot we will take lots of pictures before breaking the bear down for the pack out. 

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