Pronghorn Antelope


With an estimated population of 70,000 Antelope in New Mexico there is no shortage of opportunity. The Antelope will vary in size from 100 to just over 150 pounds.  They thrive in lower the lower elevations but in wide open terrain creating a very challenging.

Physical Condition

Hunt takes place on fairly flat low elevation so its suitable for all physical conditions. 


Quality boots and warm / cold weather clothing

Tags & Licenses

Draw Only 

  • Resident $60 Nonresident $283
  • Game Hunting License $65
  • Habitat Stamp $5
  • Habitat Management & Acc Validation $4


You must put in by March and results are released in Late April

What to expect

We will start each morning with hearty breakfast before hitting the roads glassing large vast areas for the Antelope. Once we have located a good buck we will then start a archery stalk or get in a good vantage position for a rifle shot. Once you have taken your buck we will get lots of quality pictures before packing him out.